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The Virgin Mary and Christ Jesus


Adam and Eve

The Shepherd Boy of Bethleham

The Song of Solomon

A black girl you are


The Virgin Mary and Christ Jesus

And Moses' wife was African

Jesus of Nazareth



Jesus and the Apostles

Jesus' people came from Africa





The Last Supper

Jesus is alive

At the Temple at Jerusalem, Christ our Saviour

The Watchman

The Watch                                                                                The Question Board

Commentary                                                                          The Bible Map     

Mars                                                                                                          6000 Years - Biblical History           The Good Shepard

The Baby Moses

African History

The Book of Kings        

A Thousand years before Jehovah is worth more than any spent elsewhere.

The Conqueror

"To the Ends of the Earth" Jehovah's Witness

Revelations of Christ Jesus

World Powers

Ancient Civilizations

Pagan Holidays

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