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I was very happy to get the autograph of Bo Jackson, and his book, "Bo Knows Bo" (c) 1990 Bo Jackson and Dick Schaap, Bantam Doubleday

Bo Jackson

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Prince M. Grant was commissioned to do these paintings when he was a lad.


Henri Christophe

African King of Haiti (1767-1820).  Joined revolution of 1790, commanded African republic of northern Haiti, became king in 1806.  Became king of all Haiti in 1811, as Henri I. His wars and tyranny brought about his downfall, and he shot himself in 1820 at Port au Prince.


Information on Henri Christophe from The New Pictorial Encyclopaedia, Vol 4., Bookservice, New York, 1955


Mr. Cosby.  Bibliophile seeks collection of Bill Cosby's books.

(c) The Treasure Hunt by Bill Cosby.  Scholastic, Inc, Cartwheel Books, New York 1997

Love is forever

Africans have a new attitude

Walters and Jones (c) USA magazine Best Photos of 2000

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Soulouque:  Faustin, Elie (1785 - 1867

Haitian general and politician.  Took part in the insurrections of 1792 and 1803; rose to be general under Guerrier and Riche; and on the death of the later was elected to the presidency, March 1, 1847. Had himself proclaimed emporer as Faustin I, August 26, 1849.  Deposed January 15, 1849, and lived in exile until shortly before his death. (c) 1955 Pictorial Encyclopedia of the World


Hayes, Roland, (1887-????) African American tenor, born in Curryville, GA.  Appeared in concert in both the US and Europe, sung command performances before King George V of England (1921) and Queen Mother Maria Christina of Spain (1925).  His interpretation of spirituals received world-wide recognition.  (c) 1955 Pictorial Encyclopedia of the World



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Johannes Kepler (1571 - 1639)

Image from Judenstaat

(c) Germany 1987

English translation 1989

A Child is Born

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