The Watchman



"And God gave our parents three children; African, Caucasian and Asian.  And all the other brothers and sisters came from those three." -- Rob't Grant

Ancestral Files

The Pyramid 

Jehovah is not the god of bad luck.


And some of the African Americans got their bloodline surnames from the Europeans.

And the ravens fed the servant of Jehovah.


And the Shoemite maiden, the bride of Jesus Christ, is black.


Jehovah is the only True God and we pray to Jehovah only in the name of Christ Jesus only.  And we pray for God to direct our steps.  And we will become one family, and never separate again.


Joseph, Mary the Virgin, and Christ Jesus

A Message from Heaven












A message from Heaven

Joseph and Mary

David the Shepherd King


 (one of the great heroes of the Bible) 

and Delilah. Sampson and his people came from the dark race.

One of the Rich Ethiopians of Africa

The Ethiopian was a rich man, and he had chariots and horses.

The servants of God ate the food that was served to the Gods.

How to kill a mockingbird: Every Black person has a right to their own opinion, period. 


Aunt Jemima never existed.  She was a advertising stereotype that dated from the days when it was OK to mock black people to sell stuff.  She represents millions of black women who were forced over here against their will, who were professional cooks who were successful for their time period.  GREAT African American women!


Uncle Tom is dead, and we live in a Democracy.  Every man and woman has a right to an opinion in this country, the United States.

A Knight Search of his future

Put on all of God's armor

Ephesians Ch 6 Verse 10


The words of the rich African: "How would I know if you didn't tell me?"

Your Holiness

King Solomon



David and his Tens of Thousands


The letters of Paul

Jehovah looks over all of us

Ministry Jesus Christ

The Scrolls

Cross Reference


Jesus and All His Sheep

The Last Days of Jesus

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