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Howdy to all members and fellow students;

   Are you aware that you need not be disabled to join our Club?  If not, then now you do.

   We advocate for those who are and for each other.  You can learn the rights and laws involved for those with learning and physical challenges, plus how to advocate for yourself and others.

   We have a special speaker coming on December 10th.  Yes, here on campus will be someone who can teach us about the P.A.S.S. program.  It is through Social Security, and the information can help people to earn monies without losing it back to the system!  Plan your lunch hour so you can attend (noon to one pm) and watch for the flyers son to be posted.  It will be followed by our last meeting of this year. 

   Next semester, we will meet on Wednesdays (first and third of each month) at our usual lunch hour in the Study Rooms at the Library. 

   We have a new brochure to go with our name changes that we voted in last meeting.  We are now: disAbled Students Alliance. 

   Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and hope we see you next month.


Pan Olsen

disA.S.A. President





    Registration for spring is coming up.  Do you know what classes you intend to take, and have you made an appointment with your counselor?

     Spring semester starts January 14th, 2003, with new student orientation on January 13th.  Register for classes now!


About disAbled Students Alliance 

Our First Step   Connection   Here at COS

Students Supporting Students

   Our club is here to support you in your endeavor to reach your full potential.  We will accomplish this by sharing information with you about the laws that govern disability rights, by providing a network to help you troubleshoot problems, and by helping resolve them through individual and group advocacy.  We are also here to share our own experiences and to help do research on such topics as scholarship information and school compliance for transitioning students.

Our First Step

   Learning difficulties and physical handicaps, whatever their cause, are stepping stones that we must use . . . we must learn how to use the, so we as individuals can walk in the direction of freedom . . . freedom to learn . . . freedom to express . . . freedom to reach out and achieve our goals.


    TOGETHER WE RISE  We, as a group, are committed to pulling our resources together to empower self advocacy, and when needed, provided group advocacy.  But the most significant service our group provides is an opportunity to better understand ourselves and each other.  It is through our similarities of life's challenges that have slowed us down, from becoming the dream . . . the dream that makes life worthwhile, that bonds us as a group.  Yes, it is through this similarity that we understand and accept each other.  This level of acceptance makes a profound difference in our attitude towards ourselves and our approach to learning.  

Here at COS

    disASA also works closely with Disabled Student Programs and Services in an advisory and liaison relationship.  Their mission, as an organization, is to provide all students with special needs the accommodations that will provide the learning environment suitable for the student.  Disabled Students Programs and Services is located within Learning Services at Eddy Hall 1.

    Access their home page for specific information, or call 938-5297 for an appointment.

Pan Olsen, disASA President

Karen Zeigler, Adviser

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