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A Black King's Diary Autobiography : Alfred Grant Senior.

King of the family, Lord and Gentleman, Knight of the Family, a successful marriage, a happy family, a lasting marriage, he managed the household.  He helped us overcome problems.  Real Estate, master head teacher, teacher, God-fearing.  Assembly of God, Baptist, Mason, Jehovah Witnesses.  by R.G., Lord Earl Grant.

Mrs. Birdie Grant, Senior

The History of Black Art in America

and other subjects


1. Art as an Investment

    2.  Henry Ossawa Tanner

3. Motown History


Black History Month (February)

Black History (The World)

We started in 2003

Thurgood Marshall

Blacks that have been appointed to the Supreme Count

North State African American History



Robert G. Grant Awards, Certificates, and Gifts


Professor Grant

Honorary Degree

Honorary Certificate of Arts

Honorary Doctorate

Honorary Doctorate African American

The Great King

African American

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Precious Works of Robert Grant

Professional artist Robert Grant is now widely known for his vast interests and has for several years been collecting an exquisite collection of dolls.  In the 1990's Robert held his first showing of gorgeous African American dolls in Dunsmuir, California, entitled The Grant Family Collect.


The King's Dolls

African Doll

Showing herself to be a cut above the rest, and perhaps Robert's centerpiece, is the doll Robert handmade called "Violet."  This hand-sewn yarn drawn doll is so rightly named due to the beautiful Violet flower that is held within the doll's arms.  These are just some of the many facets that make up the artist we know as Robert Grant.

by Jason Dow, 2000

Robert G. Grant studied under Dennis Weathers in 1986.

Martin and Robert

(c) Life Magazine, 1993

Posted 2/4/04


African American Irish

(c) 1997 Disney Enterprises

edited by Michael Coffey




Pictures from Robert Grant's childhood playground



British Folk Art

Copyright 1977

Black History UK

Black History Britain

Carter Nash Cameron, Ltd.

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Alex Haley's Home called "Annie"

Donald Trump, Graduation photo, 1964

At the Human Resources Center Twentieth Anniversary, Celebrity Sports Night, May 29, 1986

Above: Singing running back Herschel Walker to play for the New Jersey Generals, September 23, 1983.

Bottom:  At the Human Resources Center Twentieth Anniversary, Celebrity Sports Night, May 29, 1986

(c) Trump: The Art of the Deal by Donald Trump. 1987

Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson

2004 Posted

    Star Trek

Lt. Uhura spoke to Martin Luther King, who encouraged her to keep that role. 

From "Star Trek 3" (c) by James Blish

Serena Williams

(c) 1993 Alex Haley estate

President Clinton appointed more African-Americans to his administration than any other president.

A History of African-American Artists

From 1792 to the Present

President Nelson Mandela's son passed away of AIDS, and AIDS has been with us since the 1980s, and Nelson Mandela spoke out, saying we need to do more to find a cure for AIDS.  1/6/05.

Grant, Robert

African American Airmen

(c) Weed Press, 2/3/05 by Michael Le Guellec

The 54th Massachusetts

Lincoln at Gettysburg

African-American war stories

Black War Stories

The Fischer House

More information available at

Sir Robert Glen Grant was asked on 2/3/05 if he felt bad about what happened to the blacks in the south,
and he answered no, the African-Americans are a proud race of people,
and we worked our way up in this country.

The first African-American Siskiyou County queen was Miss Helen Dixon, from Dunsmuir, California.

Thank you for the invitation to the Grant Reunion in Scotland.

Thank you, Sir Robert Glen Grant

A Sicilian is African and Italian, and they were not accepted in their own country, and we brought millions of them over here.  From my understanding, they are accepted now, and have blended into the society. 


Sound Advice were together and performed in July, 2005

(c) Mount Shasta Herald


(c) EM Ebony May 1993

Vanessa Williams

(c) Ebony Magazine

My Name is not Angelica

(c) Scott O'Dell, A Dell Yearling Book

Jesse Jackson

Living History of the World 1970 Yearbook

(c) Parents Magazine Press, 1970

Dr. Angela Davis

Angela Davis

(c) Parents Magazine Press, 1970

Keyshia Cole

Vixen Magazine, (c) Fall 2005

1965 the Voting Rights Act was passed, giving blacks full access to the polling place.

(C) Redding Record Searchlight October 5, 2003

African-American culture

The Queen Mother

Coming to America

White Nights

Gregory Hines

Mikhail Baryshnikov

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