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Poetry by Robert Grant

African American Royalty nwbka

poetry by Robert Grant nwbka

poetry by Robert Grant

Three and Thou MONA LISA is on display

To no other would she give her love, for chaste is Thou.

BLACK MONA LISA, for like Thou shoelamight maiden.

For kings and queens chase thee

and faithful was she to her lover.

For no beauty approached her, Thou MONA LISA

Thou world is knocking at your door

to no other would she love.


Donít try to make someone straight gay

and donít try to make someone gay straight

Iíve seen so many of them sitting on the sidewalk, crying

And they mesh with someone they shouldnít have.



The Pot Calling the Skillet Black

And he forgot his roots

And somebody came from the right side of the street.


The Black Sheep

Somebody is lying

The white sheep's parents keeps telling the white sheep that he's the black sheep.

Somebody is lying.

And it was not a black lie.  It's a white lie.

Now what one is black, and what one is white?

Somebody is lying.




The Woodpile

And somebody got in the woodpile
No, they did not get in the woodpile
They got married in Godís temple


Robert Glen Grant


The "Hi!" Poem

And just because I say "hi" to someone, it does not mean I know them.

And just because someone say's "hi" to me does not mean they know me.

And just because someone smiles at me does not mean I'm going to run away with them

And if you see me talking to someone, it does not mean we know each other.

And you said you did not want me, and no, I'm not going to rule over anybody

And just because I met someone six months ago does not mean I know them.

Robert Glen Grant


Brown Socks

Princess of Black

Nikki Giovanni

(c) 2002, 2003  All rights reserved.  All images and text are the creation and property of Robert G. Grant