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The Watchtower

Be a Black Knight Bookworm!



Black book collectors are paying hundreds of dollars for black books in good condition. 



If you think this page could be improved, tell us what you'd like to see.

Robert G. Grant, 706 Marjorie Street, Mount Shasta, California 96067

$$  MoTown LP cover covers fetch a pretty penny.  $$

But if they are in good condition; the price goes up sharply.

P.S. LP or 45s in good condition are even more

Are you using your full range (180 degrees) of vision?

Be a Black Knight Pioneer and send a donation to Mr. Grant to keep the good work up.

706 Marjorie Street, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067

Black antiques are a hot item. 

It's that time of the year to start your gardening.  Black Knights.  1/2/2003

My favorite book

Black Knights are already doing their gardening. 2/1/05.


Thank you for the card

May 3rd and 4th

Anderson, California

Shasta Highlands Renaissance and Celtic Faire

Submitted by Ruth at Silver Moon Gallery

The Bachelor is on campus. Just make sure he's educated.


Opening night.


The Opera House


Feather Collages

by the father of black art

  Knight in Shining Armor 2004

The First anniversary of the Black Knight Association is on the fifteenth of November, 2003. 

Hip, Hip Hooray! 

Spelling Bee Coming up!

I the King, have more than one Knight, and love never


African American family pictures are precious items to collectors, and they will pay well for such pictures that are in fine condition.


9/18/03  In the evening I cut the flag out.

9/21/03 I sewed the flag

2:00 pm 9/22/03 I hung the flag

I'm not a stepping stone.


Do not take anything that would harm your Temple.  Some people can take aspirin, and it won't harm them.  Some people will take it and it will kill them.  Aspirin is a poison.  Some people can take penicillin, and it will heal them.  Some people will take penicillin and it will kill them.  And so you need to use YOUR conscience and make a decision if it will hurt you or not.  If it's not good for you, don't do it.

My very own Snowman


Snowman's Hill, Mt. Shasta

I wish to thank John for the Burger King crown.  It's made out of plastic and fake gold.  I appreciate the gift, but I'm not affiliated with Burger King.

Robert G. Grant, 12/22/03  Mount Shasta.

Dennis Rodman's father


A self-portrait study of Robert's Hood

These were studies done before the Robert Hood painting for the Genius Awards.

"Daniel's Dog" paintings coupyright1990 by Janet Wilson, Scholastic Inc., New York, NY 10003


Copyright Brian Jacques (c) 2002 Ace Books All rights reserved

Lay all your cards down

King's Playing Cards Designed by African-American Robert G. Grant

April 28, 2004

Sir Robert Glen Grant


It's the Black Neck In Me


Images (c) 1982 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania



David the Shepherd King

painted by Royal Robert G. Grant 2004

Greats kings of the Universe, Mankind, and the Royal Family.

African-Americans are diverse.

Di-vurs: 1. Unlike in kind: distinct  2. Having diversity in form: varied

The empires of Africa were not built in one year.

Posted 2004

The Pyramids of the Kings.

Kingdom Recording.

Great Art and art of ancient Africa.

I am not a citizen of Africa, but the world.

by Robert Glen Grant

The New World Order


Lord Butler

(c) 1988 Skotaville Publishers, Johannesburg, by Fatima Meer


How do I make my own ...?

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Some cards represent royalty.

Kids like to cook.  (c) 1973, Nitty Gritty Productions.


Black Riding Hood
African American Intellectual Award

2005 Winner Toni Morrison

Illustrated by Your Highness, Robert Glen Grant

Kingdom of the Black Knight Association


Mount St. Helens shoots ash thousands of feet into the sky Tuesday morning, dusting the town of Randle 25 miles away, in the Washington volcano's largest eruption since it began venting steam Friday.  Experts with the U.S. Geological Survey said they expect continued small-scale venting from the volcano--not a major explosive eruption.

(c) Sacramento Bee 10/8/04

The King's Library

Armstrong Williams was unethical in speaking out against African Americans and Jesse Jackson.  He was let go for being unethical.  01/11/05.

The Africans were masters at the art of hair coloring.  They were masters at the art of gold design and beading.

African Americans and the French were masters at wearing wigs.

Bulletin Board #2

African American gardening 2005 has started off with joy.

Robert Winston Mercy, actor

(c) After Five Magazine 2005

New Orleans, where Katrina hit August 30, 2005.

They lost their

Holy Bibles,

their aids to Bible understanding,

their places of meetings,

some lost their silver,

their gold,

their pottery,

their china,


their lands,


important papers,

literary writings,

composers lost their important works,

their gardens,

they lost their herds,

they lost their teachers

their instructors,

their professors

they lost their leaders

important family pictures,









You should talk to your doctor, and make sure that you have first aid kits,

second prescriptions filled, medications, and other medical necessaries so you are prepared for the next disaster.

September 21, 2005

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