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African American Royalty


Mr. Spencer Wells - DNA testing for family trees

African Americans are a race of all 
the African kingdoms and other races
African Americans believe if you
forget your family history, that is like
a river that has dried up. 

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Esau gave his birthright up for a bowl of soup.

African hair is beautiful.  Africans dyed their hair 6,000 years ago in the kingdom of Africa.  African Americans prefer for African American women to wear their hair naturally.  Some say all men do.

Little Lord Mt. Shasta

The Ballerina

Majesty is our hair, your crown.

List of Ancestries

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Forever Green

The New World Book of Grants

The Grants in America

Mary, Queen of Scots

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabet

The African Genius Award

Bill Cosby January 2004 

Sammy Davis, Jr. 2005

Sidney Poitier, Jr. 2006

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Robert's Queens


by Alison Bell

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Princess A. L. Grant

The Royal Card

We love you, too.

Grand Duchess

Innocence and Nobility

Money Matters by Michelle Singletary (c) 2004

Kittens in the Kitchen

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