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1.The Monarchist League Of Canada - ... Coat of Arms. A Grant of Arms is an Honour from the Crown. In Canada, Her Majesty's Prerogative in this respect is exercised by the ... search within this site 

2.The tops 50 surnames in Scotland and coats of arms - ... 33, Henderson, Henderson coat of arms. 34, Martin, Martin coat of arms. 35, Grant, Grant coat of arms. 36, Bell, Bell coat of arms. 37, Hunter, Hunter coat of arms. ... search within this site 

3.Coat of Arms - ... coat of arms and associated crest, ever granted to a person with the Mayfield surname in England, of which I am aware, occurred on 9 October 1684. This grant ... search within this site 

4.Ancestry Message Boards [ Heraldry and Coats of Arms ] - ... Re: Coats of Arms for Grant : G2 -- 31 Oct 2002. Hoffmann Coat of Arms : Susan Hoffmann -- 24 Oct 2002: Re: Hoffmann Coat of Arms ... search within this site 

5.Coat of Arms Index: Grant - Card 1 of 50 - Coat of Arms Index ~ Grant ~ CARD 1of 50. Go to Card #: Electronic Card Index || Digital Collections Home Page || LVA Home Page VTLS WebImageManager c1995-97. search within this site 

6.Coat of Arms - ... the most prestigious badge would be a 'Coat of Arms'. The proposal made on 11 May 1994 was that we apply to the College of Heralds for a 'Grant of Arms'. ... search within this site 

7.The Drapers' Company - The Coat of Arms - The Grant of Arms On receiving their grant of incorporation, the Drapers swiftly acquired their Coat of Arms. The Garter King of Arms granted this in 1438. ... search within this site 

8.Koriginofcoa - ... Generally, the first official records of "grants" or confirmation of grant of Coat of Arms were from 1672 (Act of Parliament, Scotland) and 1673 (England and ... search within this site 

9.Grant family crest and meaning of the coat of arms for the ... - Grant family crest, coat of arms. ... GRANT FAMILY CREST. The Grant coat of arms came into existence centuries ago. The process of creating ... 

10.RootsWeb Message Boards [ Heraldry and Coats of Arms ] - ... Re: Coats of Arms for Grant : Cathy -- 31 Oct 2002: Re: Coats of Arms for Grant : G2
-- 31 Oct 2002. Hoffmann Coat of Arms : Susan Hoffmann -- 24 Oct 2002: Re ... 

11.MacDermot Coat of Arms and Crest - ... Only Kings, Emperors and Popes could grant Coat of Arms. In a medieval society based on the unquestioned power of the feudal lord ... 

The pretty black ducks

12.OCC - Coat of Arms - ... Council Coat of Arms Prior to 1949, Oxfordshire County Council had no official coat of arms. The College of Heralds was first approached to grant arms in 1934 ... 

13.Scottish Family Crests / Coats of Arms - ... crest Fraser coat of arms / family crest Gibson coat of arms / family crest Graham coat of arms / family crest Grant coat of arms / family crest Grant coat of ... search within this site 

14.Roush Family Coat of Arms description - ... The crest is a knight placed between two black wings. How much the family antedated this grant of the Coat of Arms is not known. ... 

15.Sloan Coat of Arms & Surname History - ... The Progenitor Memorialist for Sloan - As a Scotsman was awarded a grant of armes by an English King of Arm by petition of ... This Coat of Arms was contributed ... search within this site 

16.The New Zealand Coat of Arms - ... The New Zealand Coat of Arms were published in the ... by these presents do grant and assign for the Dominion of New Zealand the Armorial Ensigns and Supporters ... search within this site 

17.The Barbados Coat of Arms - THE BARBADOS COAT OF ARMS. The grant of arms conveyed by royal warrant was presented by Her Majesty the Queen to the President of the Senate of the island on ... search within this site 

18.Coat of Arms - The Belfast Coat of Arms. The following is an extract from the Grant of Arms to Belfast issued by the Ulster King of Arms on the 30th June, 1890: ... search within this site 

19.Granting Armorial Bearings in Canada - ... In summary, the minimum cost of a grant of a coat of arms (shield, crest, helmet, mantling, and motto) is likely to be around $1,900, including the processing ... search within this site 

20.MUSEUM 1846. - 1996. - Royal grant of coat of arms of the Imbrisevic family (nobles) picture-1, Vienna 1861 Manuscript on parchment painted in water-colours ... search within this site




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