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African American Pasta    Seasonings and Spices



Black Knight
Whipped Cream
Olives on the Side


The Bar Tavern

on the Rocks

African American Stir Fried Potatoes

One or two medium sized potatoes

Boil, leave overnight in fridge

Take salami, potatoes, chop up into chunks

Prepare skillet with oil or butter.


Optional: sprinkle cheese or onions on top.


The Coffee House

American Coffee

Othello Coffee

A Party of Three


The Winery


Grant's Scotch

African-American chestnut recipes

The history of African-American chestnut recipes


African-American Wine Cooler

Merlot & Diet Sprite, mixed to taste


O'Grant's Malt Liquor, served with one jalapeo, in a beer mug


Kitchen Utensils

(c) Great Meals in Minutes Time-Life Books 1983

African American lentil soup

The Joy of Cooking

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African American Sausage

5 pound ground Boneless Pork Shoulder Roast (if you dont want to grind it yourself, go to your butcher shop, and he will grind it to preference)

1/4 bag of Sisko Country Style pork sausage seasoning (2 ounces)

teaspoon sage

teaspoon paprika

teaspoon cayenne powder


Mix spices together.

Pour into meat

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#2. African-American recipes for sausage

If you would like to mix your own seasoning, here are the ingredients:  salt, sugar, ground spices, red pepper, cayenne, paprika, sage and spice extractives.

#3. The Sausage Casing for links



African American Coffees

African American Breakfast

Life Extension Magazine

Black Coffee

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African-American Coffee

Ethiopian coffee, French roast, and Colombian. Blended to your taste.  That's what African-American coffee is.

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#2.  Black Coffee

#3   Coffee in the Kitchen

The Gallery 2004

(c) Colonial Homes April 1990 edition

African Cooking

The Beauty of Cooking

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African Cooking

African American lettuce

Dr. Richter's Fresh Produce Guide

African Cooking

Weight Watchers

Program Cookbook

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