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There has been a lot of talk about Michael Jackson's "History".  The Black Knight Association is staying neutral.

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Condoleezza Rice

1/28/05 President Bush said that Colin Powell had big shoes to fill, and Mrs. Rice was the person to fill them.

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From the San Francisco Chronicle, July 9, 2004, reprinted July 12, 2004

Defensive Back Charles Woodson, the Raider's exclusive franchise player, has been a contract holdout.

From the SF Chronicle, August 31, 2004.

Diane Spencer, in the 1980s, came out for her Protocol dressed in a beautiful black gown.  She was the 1st to wear black for her Protocol.

Diane Spencer's two son's coat of arms

Vinay Singh, top-rated golfer

His victory ended Tiger's record 264 week run as the No. 1 ranked golfer.

September 7, 2004.  Photo (c) Sacramento Bee

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Colin Powell, as of September 17th, had a 75% rating in the Republican Party, the highest among all of the Bush Administration

The next 1 billion customers will come from China, India, Brazil, and other developing nations.  The tech industry will never be the same.

(c) 2004 Business Week, Sept. 27, 2004.

(c) SF Chronicle, Alex Grimm, Reuters 2004


2005: Two appointments are pending for the Supreme Court.  Colin Powell is up for one of the appointments, and Judge John Roberts is the other.


From Sacred Honor: Colin Powell, The Inside Account of His Life and Triumphs, by David Roth

1993 David Roth, Harper Books

The American Hunters


Tiger Woods won the British Open 2005.

King of the Hill

(c) Mt. Shasta Herald, September 10, 1997

(c) Sacramento Bee 9/18/05

(c) SF Chronicle 9/18/05

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(c) The Sacramento Bee November 6, 2005

(c) San Francisco Chronicle October 31, 2005

(c) Sacramento Bee October 30, 2005

(c) San Francisco Chronicle, 6/21/05


(c) Sacramento Bee 11/20/05

Alito Confirmed

(c) San Francisco Chronicle, February 1, 2006

(c) San Francisco Chronicle February 16 2006




This week millions of dollars have been made off of OJ Simpson, and he has a trial coming up.  9/21/07

According to the Examiner, the Queen has appointed Prince William the next King of England, 2007.

President-Elect Barack Obama

The Inauguration is January 20, 2009

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