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Globe:  n. (F. , fr.L. globus.] 1. A round body; a ball; a sphere  2.  The earth; usually with the, 3. A round model of the eart or heavens.  4. Anything somewhat rounded; as an electric-ligh.  v.i. to gather or form into a globe.

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Commercially-cultivated plants

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The Horse position

The African American dictionary is a growing endeavor.

Galaxy:  1. a. Any of numerous large-scale aggregates of stars, gas and dust that constitute the universe. b. often Galaxy. The Milky Way.  2.  A brilliant or distinguished assemblage.

Solar System

The World Map

The World, seen from above


In today's world, "Nigger" can mean white, yellow, black, brown or red persons.


Federation Officers

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Fed-er-a-tion n. A union formed by agreement between states, nations, or other groups.  The various nations formed a federation to work for world peace.

Kwanzaa stamp, US 2004

Collecting stamps

Sporran: (Gael, sporan, fr. IL bursa purse) A pouch of skin with the hair or fur on, worn infront of the kilt by Highlanders in full dress.


Lady African-American Majesty

Majesty (maj-es-tee)  1.  The authority, greatness, and dignity of a sovereign.  2.  Used as a title in speaking f or to a sovereign (Your royal majesy)  3. A quality of stateliness or grandeur. 

African-American Dictionary

The Continent of Africa

Africa's motherland

con-tin-ent: n. 1. One of the seven principal land masses of the globe

A continent is a mainland.

Priesthood illustrated by Sir Robert Glenn Grant, 2004

Solidarity n. Unity arising from common purpose, sympathy, or interests: fellowship


Comb: 1. A piece of plastic, metal, or other material that has teeth.  A comb is used to smooth, arrange, or fasten the hair.  Another kind of comb is used to straighten out fibers of wool or cotton before spinning.  2. A thick, fleshy red crest on the head of roosters and other fowl.  Noun.  --1.  T smooth or arrange with a comb.  Betty combed the dog's fur to get the tangles out.  2.  To look everywhere in; search thoroughly.  The police combed the woods looking for the lost child.  Verb.

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noun: A covering of artificial or human hair for the head.


The Flute

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Church is a group of people, not a building. 

church: 1)  All Christians regarded as a spiritual entity.  2) A building for public and esp. Christian worship 3) A congregation 4) A public religious service. 5) A Christian denomination.


1.  Bishop

Desmond Tutu

2.  Elder

3. Reverend

4.  Overseer

5. Pastor

6.  Minister

7. Shepherd

8. Rabbi

Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Africa is in the game

The Grand Queen

Adolph Hitler

swastika n.  A symbol consisting of a Greek cross with the ends of the arms bent at right angles.


(n): A fabulous monster represented as a gigantic reptile having a lion's claws, the tail of a serpent, wings, and a scaly skin.  b.  A figure or other representation of the creature.  2 Archaic: A large snake or serpent.  3.  A fiercely vigilant or intractable woman  4. any of various lizards such as one of the genus Draco or the Komodo Dragon 5.  A plant, the green dragon 6. Capital D: The constellation dragon, from Latin draca, from Greek drakon, serpent.

Constellations: n. Any of 88 stellar groups named after and thought to resemble mythological characters, inanimate objects, and animals.


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Saddle n. 1. A leather seat for a rider, as of an animal or a bicycle.  2. A cut of meat including a portion of the backbone and both loins. v. ~dled, ~ling.
1.  To put a saddle on.  2. To load down: encumber <saddled with too much work>

Infinity n. 1. The quality or state of being infinite. 2. Unbounded space, time, or amount. 3. An indefinitely large number.

advertisement: 1. To call public attention to, esp. to increase sales. 2. A notice designed to advertise something.

liberty n:

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African alphabet



Lady of Justice


A goddess is a female deity, in contrast with a male deity known as a "god". Many cultures have
goddesses. Most often these goddesses are part of a polytheistic system that includes multiple deities...

1. A god, goddess or other divine being
2. somebody or something that is treated like a god
3. the condition or status of a god or goddess

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