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African new democratic society

Oprah Winfrey-the Queen of Talk

United States of Africa

The United African Military

Africa Today

Africa World Heritage

African Unity

African Compare

African Masterpieces

Bank of Africa

The Bank of Africa

Africa International

The International Bank

The World Bank

Bank Around the World

The most beautiful city in Africa

Ethiopian History

Network of African Lawyers

Network of African Lawyers Black

Network of African American Lawyers

Network of African Skilled Blacks

Network of African  Computer

Network of African  Computer Black

Network of African  Black Business

Network of African  Black Skilled people

African Black Middle Class

The Leadership Academy for Girls

Dr. Desmond Johns

World Business

Presidents of Africa

Bush meets with New Liberian Leader

President of Liberia

Map of Africa 1959

Africa 1959

Essential Boogie Flavas

Great people of the 20th century



Stars in Black

Black Entertainment

Black Stars

British conductor Charles Hazelwood discovers powerful voices while searching for singers in South Africa

World international opera

Township Opera


Africa has come of age in Christianity.  2006

Africa Cable Station

Dr. Hellene Gayle

Global Mission


Dr. Gayle

Africa's lost treasures

Africa's treasures

Africa's gold

Africa's silver

Africa's diamonds

Africa's oil

Children of Africa

African children

Africa's oceans

Africa's seas

The Coming of the Black Middle Class

"Black Diamond South Africa

World Ark

Masai - The Rain Warriors

Viola Vaughn

Black Television

World of Black Television

Africa's Development Fund

Africa's Open Tennis

African American World Trading

African American investors

Africa's marketplace

Africa World Trading

Africa Trading

African American Trading

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